The Brockton Story

In the 1980s I built a subdivision in Jackson, New Jersey. At the time I was young and green, so I built what the experts told me to build. But when it was all said and done, there were no estates. I was offering my customers the same old cookie-cutter homes. I knew that I could do it better if I unleashed my own creativity. In the late 1990s I came across some paintings by Thomas Kinkade - and I was elated because he had drawn out exactly what was in my head. It’s what a lot of people want, which is why one in every twenty American homes owns a copy of a Kinkade painting. Yet builders continue to offer the same old homes that totally lack warmth and appeal – unless you are willing to spend well over a million dollars. But just because a builder throws in a lot of roof peaks and gables, or a front porch that nobody ever sits on, that doesn’t make a home more charming, or give it more character. At Brockton, we believe that:

  • 1. Curb appeal is mandatory.
  • 2. Not everybody wants to live in a McMansion.
  • 3. It shouldn’t cost a million dollars (or more) to live in a beautiful home.

“Why do all builders think that everybody wants a home that looks like this?”

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